Stories everywhere…and so…

I’m headed off to my dear friend Tammy in Snowmass, Colorado, in just a couple of days. One, I want to disappear for awhile. Two, it’s no hotter than the low to mid-70s in Snowmass right now. Three, there may still be mushrooms to be found! YUM!!! (I am definitely a hobbit when it comes to mushrooms.)

I will, however, be taking my laptop and my camera, and may end up posting photos if I can figure that part out. If not, then I’ll contact my guru Jenn and figure it out when I get home.

The writing is going well. Focused on the play right now, as I want to finish it before I leave on Thursday. But I have ideas on how to change up the paranormal novels that don’t seem to be going anywhere. Which reminds me, I need to update my books page to prove I actually AM writing novels, and not just saying I am. Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow.

In the meantime – dinner is over, the family is happily off to either bed or reading before bed (because we’re big on that), and I too must head off to read in bed for awhile.

Tradition, after all, must be kept at all costs.

Hot hot hot…

Just when I was getting used to, and loving, the cooler weather we were enjoying in So Cal, Mother Nature turns up the heat. It’s close to 100 in my little valley and I’m less than thrilled.

On the productive side, however, my office is air conditioned, which is encouraging me to write. Plus, my windows computer’s internet is down, which means I can’t play Flowerz (don’t ask me why I love that game, but I do), and since hubby put in a Blu-ray machine last night, our cable box gave up the ghost which means I can’t watch TV in the other air conditioned room. So that leaves writing on my beloved new MacBook Pro.

I really want to finish up the play I’m working on, and I’ve got, minimum, 15 pages to go. I am a dialog diva – I really am good at it, and I’m enjoying the all-dialog, all the time of writing a play. My guess is it’ll take me two more writing sessions to get it finished, then two or three days of rewriting before sending it out to readers.

But if I don’t start, I can’t finish…

Blog Re-Boot

Well, here it is, the second edition of my new blog in just two days. Not a bad learning curve for me, I think! While I liked yesterday’s edition, I think this one fits a little better. We shall see.

Today I’m lazing around with hubby in the morning. When he goes off to the gym, I’ll be hitting the computer and writing; and then I’m off to day job for the afternoon slash evening.  Eldest son is sleeping in while young son left last night for bowling and a buddy’s birthday sleepover. It’s gonna be hot hot hot here in So Cal, and what feels like the Santa Ana winds are getting ready to blow. It’ll be good to be in air conditioning all afternoon.