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Baby it’s Cold Outside – Hot Alcoholic Drinks for the Holidays

Mulled Wine I’m copying an old post on mulled wine here, plus at the bottom there are recipes for other, hot and festive drinks for the holidays. Cheers! Who “invented” mulled wine? Why? What’s supposed to go in it, and … Continue reading

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Too Many Tomatoes in the Garden…

…Leads to Dried Tomatoes At least, at my house this weekend, it did! There are, after all, only so many tomato salads you can eat without getting burnout. I’m not thrilled with canning in this heat, and while it may … Continue reading

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Summertime! Garden Fresh Tomato Recipes

The Summertime Garden I love all things gardening, but what do you do when your garden rewards your patience with abundance? It’s time to get into the kitchen. The main reason to have a kitchen garden, to my mind, is … Continue reading

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Wrangling Recipes – A Fun Cake!

Who could resist making a cake with the name Chocolate Peanut Butter Fun Cake? Not I! It was Saturday, and I was hauling trash out of going through the magazines in my office, and I stumbled upon a Bon Apetit magazine … Continue reading

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It Takes Skill to Kill a Cabbage

It really does take skill to kill a perfectly grown cabbage, but I apparently have that skill down pat.  But let me ease you into the horror… Here’s a photo of my beautiful ruby cabbage, just after being picked. It … Continue reading

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Wrangling Recipes: The Best Scrambled Eggs

It’s taken me almost 40 years to learn how to make the best scrambled eggs. That ubiquitous breakfast food, the food that most tender tummies can handle, the very first comfort food I remember shouldn’t be so difficult to make. … Continue reading

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