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Two Musts for a New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re going to a New Year’s Eve party this year, be a sweetie and bring two important things that every hostess needs. First, a yummy appetizer that doesn’t need reheating; second, a couple bottles (one champagne, one not champagne). … Continue reading

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Back to the Barre, Week 2

…two steps back… My body isn’t happy with me. Oh, it doesn’t care that it’s 6:15 am and I’m headed to the gym; no, it’s more that I haven’t been to the gym (and more importantly, done the stretching or … Continue reading

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Back to the Barre, 30 Years Later

The room feels the same. Wooden floor beneath my feet, the floor to ceiling mirrors. It’s dark, though, the only light coming in through the huge windows facing the main part of the gym. It’s early, not quite seven in … Continue reading

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Maggie Marr on Writer Wednesday!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Maggie through the Los Angeles Romance Authors chapter of RWA. She’s funny, terribly smart, and very nice. Please welcome the lovely and talented Maggie Marr! CA: What made you decide to … Continue reading

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Three Years Post-Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Three  years ago today, my husband and I were sitting in the waiting room at UCLA Hospital along with about a hundred other people. The sun hadn’t yet risen. It was cold, and I was nervous. Tom was scared to … Continue reading

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Sally Felt on Writer Wednesday

Sally Felt is another one of my online writer hang-out group that I dearly adore. Way back in 2003, when there were four of us exchanging snippets and encouragement online, Sally blew me away with her writing. So I’m extremely … Continue reading

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Baby it’s Cold Outside – Hot Alcoholic Drinks for the Holidays

Mulled Wine I’m copying an old post on mulled wine here, plus at the bottom there are recipes for other, hot and festive drinks for the holidays. Cheers! Who “invented” mulled wine? Why? What’s supposed to go in it, and … Continue reading

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Yvonne Jocks, Evelyn Vaughn, Writer Extraordinaire!

I met Yvonne Jocks at my very first Romance Writers of America conference in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. Yvonne was not only signing books, but she was teaching a workshop on how to incorporate the use of magic in your … Continue reading

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Jenn Reese, Awesome Middle Grade Author

It’s not Writer Wednesday, but sometimes you just gotta break tradition! So, here we go! Another one of those fantastic writers that I hang out with (and who humbles me with her snippets of awesomeness) is Jenn Reese. I’ve known … Continue reading

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