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I spent Sunday carrying my “big” camera – my Canon Rebel T1i – around with me when the hubs and I walked to the duck pond and back. Thank goodness for digital! All the fun of taking pictures and none of the pain of getting them printed if we don’t like them!

We got the best of the day for photography – amazing clouds, amazing birds, and no rain. That came later, while we were at Lowe’s for seeds and plywood…but the photos of the rainbow I tried were just meh. Ephemeral mist just wouldn’t behave.

First up is a particularly devout mourning dove. They are remarkably tame (at least, around me) and won’t fly away unless you startle them.

A mourning dove, paying respects to Buddha.

Next up is a hawk’s nest. It’s high in the trees by the duck pond and the golf course near my house. Yesterday on our walk, the hawk was sitting there, and – wait for it – cheeping. At least it sounded like cheeping. Nothing mean or scary, like you might think a hawk would sound like.

The hawk’s nest, high in a tree by the duck pond.

Lastly, this is the bird feeder in our back yard. This morning, around 5:30 as I was puttering around on the internet, I heard a lot of songbird cheeping and twittering. Once the sun came up, I snapped this photo of a brave lad who didn’t leave when I stepped out on the patio. The only time our yard isn’t full of birds now is when a local hawk (maybe the same one that owns the nest, above?) swoops down through our yard, barely missing our heads. For some reason, all the small birdies go hide for ten minutes or so after that.

Our back yard bird feeder. At breakfast this morning, a squirrel trying to get at the seed almost fell off the top of the feeder.

Thanks for stopping by. What do you tend to take photos of these days?

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20 Responses to Seen About Town – Wildlife

  1. I tend to take photos of family, but I enjoy the talent of those like you who get the wildlife I love.
    Thanks you for sharing them.

  2. Robena Grant says:

    I have a small digital camera that I take in my big purse. It’s for those moments when I see something great, but it doesn’t have a big zoom lens so it’s not good for distance shots. I really do want to do more photography but that’s on my long list. : )

  3. Oh do I love these, Christine! I’ll never forget when we had a nest of hummingbirds on our front porch two years ago and I took a zillion pictures. I love watching birds and adore their cheeping. Thanks for sharing.

    • Christine Ashworth says:

      Patti, I remember some of those pictures! My husband got a great one of a hummingbird that I must post…

  4. Lynne Marshall says:

    Love the pictures. I love our town. Oh, and it was particularly beautiful on Saturday, as it is today. I loved how the sun broke through, yet it was still raining (at one point) made me think I was in Hawaii, except it was a lot colder here. 🙂

    • Christine Ashworth says:

      LOL Lynne! Yeah, I love our town – this is my favorite time of year, because the hills are green. Did you SEE the rainbows?

  5. Sarah says:

    Love your pictures! We have doves and little birds at our feeders, too. But squirrels are always a problem. Smarter than you would think a rodent could possibly be.

  6. Sam Beck says:

    Great shots! I especially like the small bird on the feeder. These days the wildlife I capture most often takes the form of my four year old son…and boy is he hard to sneak up on!

  7. How fun–and lovely–Christine! I love wildlife including birds, and your photos are awesome. My cameras aren’t good enough to take memorable photos of our backyard visitors.

    • Christine Ashworth says:

      Linda, my husband gets these ideas in his head and the next thing I know, we own terrific cameras and are going out on photo safaris in our local neighborhoods. Fun stuff!

  8. Great pics, Christine. Sounds like you had a good day.

  9. Donna Coe-Velleman says:

    Isn’t it great to be able to capture those images? Wonderful pics. Thanks

  10. Julie Glover says:

    Wow! Those are fabulous! Love the pics. I adore finding wonders in nature right around my house. We’ve had some especially amazing webs weaved by spiders in our yard, and a red-tailed hawk lives nearby and flies through sometimes.

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