Kristen Lamb rocks.

I adore Kristen Lamb and her blunt, sometimes snarky way of making a point. Today at her blog on self publishing, she makes an excellent correlation between American Idol and the self publishing world.

I won’t attempt to repeat her genius here, so go check it out. And while you’re there, check out WANA wednesdays as well, also part of her blog – her book We Are Not Alone is a fabulous tool for writers who need to learn how to market their books. On wednesdays, she shares tips from her book (but I recommend you buy the book!).

I am a total fan girl.

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3 Responses to Kristen Lamb rocks.

  1. I like her because she’s down to earth to. She’s not all “I’m a guru, and better than you, and you should worship me.”

    • Christine says:

      Exactly! And she’s just what we need to navigate this tricky new world of marketing. Thanks for stopping by, Raven!

  2. Thank you for shouting out about this! I’m off to buy her book now. You rock!

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