Whither Wine Fridays?

Whither Wine Fridays?

I like Wine. I like Fridays. So it seemed a perfect match, to blog about Wine on Fridays. But…maybe it’s time to branch out in another direction. The question is, which direction?

Label for the Smoking Loon Pinot NoirIt’s not like the world is rushing to my door, giving me wine to taste and begging me for my decidedly plebian opinion. Just because I find Smoking Loon Pinot Noir to be tasty and at an under-$6 a bottle a total bargain, doesn’t mean others will find that interesting. Or that they’ll like the wine.

Just because I think some wine labels are ridiculously over-written and seriously in need of a good copy editor who can write while NOT imbibing doesn’t mean there’s an audience for that.

And because I salivate for a bottle of Cristal champagne, and I look forward to those days I can offer guestsPhoto of Cristal Champagne that sippage and not count the cost, doesn’t mean others share my lust for the bubbles.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not whining here – I’m just wondering if maybe its time to go in a different direction.

Part of that is my change in diet. Note, I said my change in diet, not that I’m ON a diet. Major difference. I’ve been living in a Crazy Sexy Kitchen world since January 20th, when a lovely woman named Erin Shachory introduced me to Kris Carr and her plant-based way of eating. Personally, I LOVE the term “plant-based” instead of vegan or vegetarian – it seems much less IN YOUR FACE, MEATEATER. But maybe that’s just me?

At any rate, the book has me sipping lemon water after I get up, then getting my greens in with some AWESOME green juice. I’m feeling the love – balancing my eating 60/40, and heaping the salads and the veggie love on my plate. I wake up happier, clear-headed, and I don’t hurt as much. ??? Interesting.

If you’re interested, here’s the book.

The book that Erin Shachory introduced me to. Thank you, Erin!

But this post isn’t about that!

This post is kind of a heads-up that things are shifting at Chez Christine’s – and maybe even the title of the blog (because while I am wicked, and saucy, the blog isn’t so much, am I right?). But we shall see. I’m taking an author branding class with Kristen Lamb, the WANA Mama; she’s helping me to dig into ME and what I want out of this life I’ve got, and I can feel my priorities shifting under my feet. It’s a good thing! 

I am swimming in possibilities as well as lots of projects, all writing but not all novels. So things are changing and churning and being utterly fascinating. I’ve been having second thoughts about Wine Fridays for some time now, and I thought I’d clue you in, too. 

What do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down for Wine Fridays? I’d love to know!


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9 Responses to Whither Wine Fridays?

  1. Mona Karel says:

    Oh thumbs UP! I think about you when I find a nifty new wine to share. Though my first love is reds, I’ve been gravitating toward dry whites, no idea why! And I found a Contadina Pinot Grigio with a bit of sparkle that’s nigh on as satisfying as champagne (which I agree is a necessity in life, even if I go for the cheap brands.)
    I’d heard you go to Australia for reds, New Zealand for whites, and when I saw a NZ white at Trader Joe’s I had to try it even though it was at the upper level of my buying range at $9.99. It is crispy and dry, with a hint of grapefruit, which is my favorite citrus. Let’s see,..Kono Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
    Yes, Kristen is a marvel and I’m saving up pennies to attend one of her classes or even better her marvelous Pajama Conference

    • Christine says:

      Ah Mona. You’re a peach! I’m still conflicted about the Pajama Conference, since I have a class on that Saturday. But thank you for the feedback! Hugs hon!

  2. robena grant says:

    Change is good. It’s like hope. You can open yourself up to all kinds of wonders and if you feel like it one Friday you write about wine, another about life, and yet another about food. ; ) It’s all good.

  3. I rather like your wine Fridays, but I also understand change. So I’ll leave it up to you.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks, Pat – I do appreciate your weighing in! I like it, too but it hasn’t seen much love lately. So I’ve been wondering.

  4. Sam Beck says:

    I love the wine blog, but your free time is precious and you should spend it on things you’re excited about! So, you know, if it’s beer rather than wine…it’s all good.

  5. Maria says:

    I am voting for the wine too. It is my favorite blog of yours and I always stop here and tweet it even if I don’t leave a comment (bad friend, bad). I also like your photo blogs.

    On the other hand, a woman has to do what a woman had to do and if it is time to change it up, then it is. On a note of interest, I just read a study that links even moderate wine consumption to an increased risk of breast cancer. Of course, tomorrow they’ll come out with one that links moderate consumption to helping reduce the risk of oh, say bladder cancer.

    Here’s to a sip or two regardless of what the latest scientific study does or doesn’t say and no matter what, I will always think of you whenever I find a new wine or a new wine store.

  6. Julie Glover says:

    I love your wine Fridays. I’ve bought a few wines based on your recommendations here and been pleased with the results. That said, if you wanted to make a change, you could do it less. (I’d just hate for you to cut it out altogether because I like it so much.) But your call, of course. The beauty of a blog is that it is changeable and can reflect different parts of you at different times as need be. 🙂

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