Two Casual Summer Wines

In these days of high unemployment and wild uncertainty, it’s nice to relax with a bottle of wine that doesn’t break your pocketbook. I’m here to sort out the memorable from the truly awful, and each bottle is under $10 unless noted otherwise.

butterfly kissButterfly Kiss Chardonnay 2011 Vinted and bottled by Diageo Wines, Sonoma, California Alcohol 13.5% by Volume

On the Label: “Treat yourself to sheer bliss with a glass of Butterfly Kiss.  In this delightfully soft Chardonnay, you’ll taste a kiss of lush pineapple, pear and vanilla bean flavors.

Please Enjoy Our Wines Responsibly.”

My Take: I was in a rush. Making a garden veggie dinner for the fam, and I needed a bottle that wouldn’t break the bank and that was already cold. Luckily, there was this bottle of Butterfly Kiss in the refrigerated wines section of Vons, and it was in my budget. Plus, hello. Screw top!

I was completely prepared to love this wine, but like the label said, it’s soft. As in, almost taste-free. NOT something you particularly want in a white wine. I needed more flavor, and didn’t smell or taste the pineapple, pear or vanilla bean. It was a meh wine that cleared my palate between bites, but did little else.

My Rating: ~ Barely Drinkable ~ I mean, it wasn’t bad. It might be a good wine to give to folks who don’t usually drink wine; this one will certainly not offend anyone (but neither will it make them jump up and down with glee).

flipflop Merlot 2009 Vinted and bottled by flipflop Wines, Livermore & Ripon,flipflop California  Alcohol 13.5% by Volume

On the Label: “Medium bodied, silky Merlot with plum and mocha notes, soft tannins and a balanced, luscious finish.

“Jammy aromas and soft tannins pair well with TExas chili, black & blue sliders or cheddar cheese broccoli.

“Serve at room temperature now or store away from direct sunlight for up to 3 years after purchase. “

My Take: Bland in a bottle. Inoffensive. Would I pair it with chili? Not chili that has any kind of heat behind it (and I’m not talking temperature here). Again, this might be a good beginner wine, as it doesn’t have a big mouth feel and isn’t too dry. It’s an easy sipping wine, but not very flavorful. I didn’t find any “luscious finish”. I doubt I’ll buy this again, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect wine for you.

My Rating: ~ Drinkable ~ But not my first, second or third choice of wines.

When it comes right down to it, my tastes most likely aren’t yours. It doesn’t matter what I think of the wine. The only criteria that matters when it comes to purchasing wine is: Do you like it? and Can you afford it? (Because there are many wines I adore but can’t afford!) But I do hope that I give you a place to start looking, and when confronted with the daunting selection at your local grocery store, you will come to recognize the wines – which ones you like, and which ones you’d like to try – all while staying within your budget. (Yes – I am doing a public service, lol!)

As usual, this is just my honest opinion and depend upon my mood, the weather, and what cycle the moon is in. Your taste buds will differ.

~ Until the next time, cheers! ~


My Rating System: Undrinkable; Barely Drinkable; Drinkable; Very Drinkable; and the ever-popular “Stay Away! This is MY wine, you Slut!”

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5 Responses to Two Casual Summer Wines

  1. Thanks for the tips on the wine. My late husband and I had completely different tastes in wine. I like sweet whines, but he didn’t. Actually, my favorite w(h)ine is…”Oh, no…it’s not supposed to be like this…”

  2. Disappointing on the Butterfly Kiss because I just LOVE the label (and the name). I wonder if they have a Merlot . . .

  3. I’ve read enough of your wine reviews to know, “If Christine doesn’t love it, I’m not going to love it.” I’ll save my $ this week until I can afford the Stags Leap Cab.

  4. Ralph noffke says:

    Just found you wine blog… Your great. First tasted wine in 1958 in napa before you were born.

    • Christine says:

      Hey Ralph – my first time in Napa was in 1988…and haven’t had time to go back since. Welcome to the blog!

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