Stress Puppy and Sleepy Kitty

I’ve been a stress puppy, instead of a sleepy kitty. (I prefer to be a sleepy kitty, in case you were wondering.)

Zaphod, snoring.
Zaphod, snoring.

A total stress puppy. I’m getting snappy and snarly at work and at home, and I’m not loving it.

And then this happened.

My head exploded.
My head exploded.

Yep, my head totally exploded. Okay, so I was coughing (but I didn’t have a cold!) and that kicked off my gag reflex, but still. Head. EXPLODED.

Artist's interpretation of the pain close up.
Artist’s interpretation of the pain close up.

I could barely breathe, it hurt so bad. Like someone had taken the back of my neck and tried to stretch it to my nose. I haven’t hurt that bad since brain surgery. So, I went to the doc, and got myself diagnosed with a post-nasal drip, plus an ergonomic stress headache. Fix the body, fix the stress, lose the headache but, in the meantime, here’s some muscle relaxants.

What has the hubby been saying to me for the last month? “Get your cough checked out. Sit up straight at the computer.”

Tom Ashworth, Self Portrait 2008 (?)
Tom Ashworth, Self Portrait 2008 (?)

So, yeah, he’s been saying “I told you so” and nagging in a loving way ever since. (Please note – I am sitting up straight and my shoulders are down as I type this.)

And now I’ve got more stress coming (in a good way) – The play development group I’m with, Fierce Backbone, is doing a full reading of my play tonight. Gulp. And I’m on muscle relaxants.

Title page to Cassandra Cries.

Title page to Cassandra Cries.

My two actors were supposed to meet to rehearse – one couldn’t make it the first night, the other couldn’t make it the second night. My leading lady now has an interview at 6pm tonight – which is when they were going to get together to get a quick rehearsal in. And I’m still not sure if I have a narrator (but I’m assured I do). We’re supposed to start by 7:30pm tonight. I’m on muscle relaxants and I’m still somewhat of a stress puppy, but at least it’s a “good” stress. (???) And a milestone event!!!

So, in order to celebrate this milestone, Hubby made cuppy cakes. CHOCOLATE cuppy cakes. Which we shall take with us tonight to bribe everyone. Along with some red wine.

CUPPY CAKES!!! Unfrosted, true, but still...CUPPY CAKES!!!
CUPPY CAKES!!! Unfrosted, true, but still…CUPPY CAKES!!!

As I look back at the last two years and three months since I started this new Day Job, I realized one thing – I haven’t had a vacation. I’ve taken time off, but that was always to go to writer’s conferences, not to sit in the Mammoth mountains and chill out for ten days. If I had, maybe I could have missed out on this little stress headache adventure. Because writer’s conferences ARE NOT VACATIONS. They are work days. Fun? Yes. Stressful? YES. I wouldn’t have missed them for the world, but…sigh.

My advice? Vacations. Take them.

Big Squishy Hugs to you ALL!

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8 Responses to Stress Puppy and Sleepy Kitty

  1. My own head hurts for you- and my ‘internal chatter’ brings back memories of having lived for so long in ‘overdrive’ and on ‘overload’. and the question returns…how long will it take to learn how to take care of ourselves ‘on the way’ instead of ‘afterwards’??? Take care, Christine…my prescription is red wine and dark chocolate, along with hubby-hugs!

    • Christine says:

      You’re sweet! Unfortunately, while I’m on muscle relaxants I can’t drink alcohol. (I even promised the doc that I wouldn’t.) But I’m with you on the chocolate thing…

  2. That stress headache sounds like a huge bummer. How about if it goes away and never comes back? Those cupcakes look delish! How sweet of your hubs to make them. I hope the reading went well & the play is a big hit. That would be some cool stres, for sure. Hugs, my friend!

    • Christine says:

      AH, the reading. Well, we’ll just skip over that part, why don’t we? But the cuppy cakes and wine were gratefully received. (Actors, you know.) Miss you, Tameri!

  3. Hugs back, Christine! Congratulations on your play, and, even better, congratulations on having the kind of hubby who bakes you chocolate cupcakes!! Hope you feel better SOON. And no, writers conferences are NOT vacays. 😉

  4. Niki Chanel says:

    I’m with Samanthe; if I even HAD a husband who would make me cuppy cakes it would GIVE me a headache… cuz you KNOW I’m the one who’s gonna clean the kitchen : )

    Brain’s are funny things; they never really give us any peace – they’re on 24/7, thankfully. They like it when we breathe, drink water, and meditate, or just sit quietly. But it’s a question of which came first: chicken or egg… cuz that grey mater ordinarily rants, raves and orders us around, feeds us opinions we don’t own, nags us for being… well, I guess you can tell I’ve had a headache or two. Just hang in there, take it easy and get better. I’m sending feel good vibes.

    And conferences are DEFINITELY not vacations.


    • Christine says:

      Niki, I’m lucky – I still have minions at home who clean kitchens. The up side of them being home, lol! Hugs hon!

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