Big Beauty in Small Flowers

When I need my mind refreshed before diving back into working on a novel, I like to “see” through a camera lens. Somehow, it changes my internal focus.

Tapo Canyon hike

On Saturday, Tom and I went on a hike. It was a beautiful, cool morning, and not many people were on the trail. I had my camera with me, because I find I hike better when my mind is distracted.

 winding path two

Isn’t this a lovely path? Not too steep, not too straight, lovely curves with oak trees guarding it. I like to think even hobbits would be tempted to walk on this path.

But what I found my eye drawn to were the smallest of flowers, no bigger than my pinkie fingernail.

cluster purple flowers

Another dainty flower…

small white flower

And yet two more – while I was focusing on the yellow, take a look at the pink one in the background.

small yellow flower

But what took my breath away was this beautiful guy. The biggest Coyote I can remember seeing, he owned the landscape. I was lucky to capture his photo – he obligingly posed a couple of times, staring at us across a huge meadow before running along. This is an extreme closeup, plus I cropped the photo even closer.


Isn’t he gorgeous? The best part about this hike is it’s not difficult to get to, at all. Give me a hat, sunscreen, some water and my camera, and I’m ready to go. It was a lovely, refreshing time that helped clear the cobwebs and steady my brain for the creative work to come.


How do you clear your mind for a creative challenge? I’d love to know!

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10 Responses to Big Beauty in Small Flowers

  1. robena grant says:

    I’m like you, I get out into nature…but maybe not where there are coyotes. They give me chills. : ) I love your flowers. There is a section that I drive in the desert where wild flowers are blooming at the edge of the roadside, but it’s dangerous to stop there. Every time I pass it I think about parking, walking back, and snapping a few photos. By the time I get around to that they’ll be gone. Spring is over in a flash down here.

  2. Lorie Viera says:

    So glad you’re a fellow coyote lover. But, my he WAS a big one! Have you guys taken the trails at Challenger park yet? Some parts are very steep but so worth it for the ultimate views.

  3. Samanthe says:

    This post and your pictures make me want to hike! We used to do Los Liones, (near the intersection of Sunset & PCH once a month. Never saw any liones, or coyote, but we spotted an occasional rattlesnake. :0

  4. I like to go out into nature too…whether it’s hiking or gardening or, when I can, the beach. And I also find the visual focus of taking pictures centers me. But I suspect you know all that from all the nature shots on my FB feed. I love the coyote picture–great shot and how I envy you getting that close to such a wondrous Trickster.

  5. Nice pic of the coyote Christine. We, until this year, had a lot of them co-inhabiting among the residents of Huntington Beach. What they were doing in the city beats me, unless they’ve run out of water. That’s probably truer than we’d like to think. But it seems they must have trapped them because they’re gone now. It really wasn’t safe for them here anyway. But they are a beautiful animal. Sounds like you had a nice little nature walk. And that’s what I like to do. Although my walks include the beach. That will clear your mind in a hurry and prep you for lots of creativity. 🙂

    • Karen, I LOVE walking on the beach, but it’s a good 45 minute drive for me, so I don’t get there as often as I’d like. How interesting that you’d have coyotes in HB. Maybe they like the beach, too?

  6. What great pictures! I’m lucky and get to see coyotes pretty regularly from my backyard–which is the place I love to go and find some peace and quiet.

  7. Maria Powers says:

    I love coyotes and we have them all over Pasadena. What a great picture. I want to get out and hike more too.

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