When the Words Get Demanding

I know, I’ve been sporadic on my blogging again, so sorry. But something in me (or the universe) has shifted, and the words are getting demanding again. Projects are piling up, and I’m carving more time out of my downtime to getting the words done.

This time around, I’m hitting up coffee shops after work to grab an hour (or two, or more). It’s strange to come home after a session and be high on caffeine when I should be winding down for the night.

Cafe au lait at the JumpCut Cafe!
Cafe au lait at the JumpCut Cafe

Here’s the skinny. I’ve got two more books in a brand new contemporary romance series that I need to write this year. I’ve got two shorter, short novella-length stories I need to finish because they’re just cool – those are more along the paranormal lines. Plus, I have two more pieces – one novella and one novel – to finish to complete the first Caine Brothers series.

Hence, hiding in coffee shops. The JumpCut Cafe is in Studio City and is one of my favorite places to write, because I’ve been going there to write or talk about writing for over ten years, back when it was Lulu’s Beehive. The only bad thing? It closes at seven.

So for now, I’m haunting various Starbucks and Coffee Beans, looking for a non-chain cafe that stays open past nine.

In other news, I really need to start a Street Team…anyone interested out there? If so, let me know. And sooner or later I need to start a newsletter, too…there is just so much to do beyond the writing it’s scary, somewhat.

So if I miss posting here, you know why. Words. I’m getting them down as fast as I can.


Street Team! Interested? Let me know in the comments below. And if you’re not interested, that’s fine too – I know how busy we all are. Squishy hugs to you all!


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6 Responses to When the Words Get Demanding

  1. Samanthe says:

    I feel your pain, (although, it’s a good pain…unless all that time at the keyboard turns into carpal tunnel, in which case, it’s a bad pain :}). I also sometimes try to escape to the local coffee shop, which does happen to be a Starbucks, but there’s a built in time limit on how long I can stay. Not because they kick me out…the barristas are super-nice, and they give out freebies, and seem content to let people hang forever, but they only have two (2!) outlets in the entire place!!

    Put me down for your street team, sister!

    • Christine says:

      Woo! Sam, you’ve been my #1 commenter on the blog for two years running. THANK YOU for your support, and thanks for being #1 on my Street Team! HUGS!!!

  2. Maria Powers says:

    Sam! I have a powers strip and an extension cord. I then let everyone plug into it. It’s amazing how many people will suddenly pop out their plugs when I come in and ask someone if I can plug it in. I was with Kate McKenzie at our favorite Starbucks and I asked one of the guys at the long table if we could plug it in and he could share it and then there were two more strangers plugging into… ya know that doesn’t sound as friendly as it could be. Anyway I don’t leave home without my extension cord and the power strip.

  3. LorieV says:

    What’s a street team?

  4. Louisa Bacio says:

    Good to read the words are going down! ((hugs)) and magic writing dust!

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