Hot Blooded by Kendall Grey

Kendall Grey’s Hot Blooded came out on 7-14-14. I resisted the lure of it for two whole days before I succumbed.

I’ve read her Urban Fantasy series, Inhale, Exhale, and Just Breathe; and I’ve read her erotic trilogy, Strings, Beats, and Nocturnes. I thought I was prepared for anything Kendall Grey could throw at me.

Was I wrong.

Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded, to me, is a Hawaiian version of film-noir style, if film noir had been done now instead of the fifties.

Blood, and sex, drugs and family – ‘ohana is everything – drive the story. It’s a twisty dark tale that is utterly believable.

Grey shows you what some people will do when pushed to their limit. It’s gritty, it’s real, and it’s damn good fiction. Some of the best writing I’ve read in a long time.

If you’re looking for something different, something out of the ordinary, something that will change the way you look at the concept of “family” – then read Hot Blooded.  If you’ve read it, let me know what you thought. I’m dying to discuss it with someone.


I’m in San Antonio this week, soaking up the Romance Writers of America atmosphere and hugging the stuffing out of my friends. May your week be a grand one – mahalo!

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4 Responses to Hot Blooded by Kendall Grey

  1. PJ Friel says:

    It sounds really interesting and all the reviews have been raving about it, but this “WARNING: HOT-BLOODED does NOT end with a happily ever after.” is keeping me from buying it. (I really appreciate Kendall giving that warning, btw. The warnings on her erotica are hilarious and I’m actually buying the 1st one because of them.) There are certain unhappy endings that I’m OK with and some that I’m not. Example: The movies Braveheart and Gladiator. I was OK with those endings even though they wouldn’t necessarily be classified as “happy.” The movie A Perfect Storm…I was NOT happy with that movie. (I didn’t know it was based on a true story when I got talked into watching it.)

    So, if it’s Braveheart unhappy I’ll add it to my list, but if it’s Perfect Storm unhappy, then I’ll have to pass. I’m not sure if you can tell me that without giving anything away, though. 🙁

  2. Christine says:

    PJ, it’s more of a Braveheart ending than a Perfect Storm ending. And even then, in my mind, there was a hint of possibility that it didn’t end the way I thought it did, so go ahead and get it, lol!

  3. PJ Friel says:

    So…I picked up Strings yesterday before I saw your response. I’ve never read any of Kendall’s books so I thought it would a relatively safe place to start. OMG. LOL! LOVE the voice. I’m going to finish this book and the rest of the series and then I’ll definitely grab Hot-Blooded. Thank you for turning me on to a great new author! <3

  4. I think the cover alone would make me take a second look! It’s so distinctive. Thanks for the book rec.!

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