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Why has the blog been quiet? Sorry! So you see, it’s like this.

If we’re Facebook friends, you already know this, but a week or so ago I finally inked the deal with Boroughs Publishing Group for the first three books in the loosely-connected StarTide Agency contemporary romance series (the guitar book, for those of you following along). (Can I get a huzzah? lol.) I also signed a separate contract for a 12k short story called a Lunchbox Romance (something you can read during lunch).

Why sign a contract when the world is the author’s oyster right now with self publishing? Because I can’t do it all, and more importantly, I don’t want to do it all. I’m still learning. I have a long way to go before I send my work out into the world all by myself.

That said, I did not make this decision lightly. It was made after a month of discussion with Jill Limber, the editor who made the offer; contract dissection; soul searching; and then going to RWA’s national conference, and having a great time there with Michelle Klayman, Jill, and Chris Keeslar (the Boroughs honchos). I like them, I have faith in them, and the fact that Chris Keeslar had worked on contracts for my Dad back in the day (when Chris was fresh out of college and at Dorchester) gave the whole thing a symmetry that just felt right. Plus the quality of the stories I’ve read from Boroughs has been extremely high.  (Which reminds me – In The Place Where She Fell is an AMAZING short story by Mary Beth Bass. Go read it!)

I am still a bit happily dazed, and am now facing the fact that I’m writing to contract deadlines. So far, it’s not as scary as I thought, and the deadlines are generous (though I plan to beat them by a mile). It’s nice, knowing that someone has the confidence in me to bring a three paragraph description of a novel into fruition.

There’s also this other book that’s waiting not-so-patiently to get edited. It’s done, but it needs to shine before I send it to an agent. So I think I’ll be doing that on my Sundays. Some writers take Sundays for their books not contracted; working on something different from their usual. (For me, that’s the ballet book.)

So, that in a nutshell, is why the blog has been silent. Things have been happening, writing has been getting done, and life has been being lived.

What’s been up with you, buttercup?

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10 Responses to Writing to Contract

  1. We are Facebook friends, so this has been said before, but it bears repeating: CONGRATULATIONS on your contracts! And good for you, getting back from RWA and diving deep into the writing! Blog on…you know…when you have time. 😉

  2. Congrats on your contracts!! and having the courage and fortitude and talentsia that goes through the publishing world, and then get ‘on the shelf’ at bookstores….indie bookstores are still my passionate favorites!! We still have a few in Salt Lake, and more across the country…there’s wonder to turning pages, seeing characters as described by authors, and entering into discussion of favorite books/authors/writers and more!! Congrats again!!

  3. So, I’m reading this blog post because I finished one section of a revision and I wanted a mental break before I tackled the next big thing on the revision list. I love the lyrical blog title, FEET IN THE SAND, EYES FILLED WITH STARS. I I writing for Boroughs. And I’m always interested in what other writers have to say about writing and deadlines, and balancing what the story needs with the time frame you have to fulfill those needs. And I’m nodding along in agreement: Boroughs awesomeness, Yes; working with a great team, Yes; Chris awesomeness, Super yes; and then I see my name and my story and I’m stunned. I had to read it twice. I realize you wrote the lovely Amazon review that made my day. Wow, thanks so much!!!

    Congratulations on your Boroughs contract!!! Does the guitar book have a rock star hero?

    I love that you were a dancer. I was an actress and went to a conservatory with a great ballet program and much later I taught acting in a performing arts high school with a lovely dance program. A dancer friend, who is also one of the most innovative choreographers I’ve ever seen recently started writing and is a lovely poet.

    Anyway, thanks again for the review and major congratulations on your contract. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

    • Christine says:

      Hey, Mary Beth! SO glad to see you here – and thank YOU for such a marvelous story. It was totally my privilege to read it! Um…well, the guitar book has an on-the-cusp, rising heroine, while the hero is a private investigator. Hugs! Thanks for commenting!

  4. robena grant says:

    Congratulations. Again. And again. : ) I’m so happy for you and I just know you’ll be in great hands. Here’s to reading one of your books real soon.

  5. Emma says:

    Congratulations, Christine. That’s fantastic news.

  6. Hi Christine – delighted to give you a huzzah and a shout-out! I found you through the RWA networking and am happy to hear about a writer making good.

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