Blogging Out and About

Just wanted to let you know – I’ll be at Rochelle Weber’s website all this week. As well, tomorrow I’ll be over at Castles and Guns with another interview.

Plus…I’m finally getting the blog up to speed, based upon a class I took in Blogging by Kristen Lamb (now, don’t laugh! Some of us need more help than normal, lol!). In a week or two I plan to be blogging at least twice a week – Gardening and Cooking on Mondays, and All About Affordable Wines on Fridays.

Hope you come back soon and check it out!

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2 Responses to Blogging Out and About

  1. So exciting about the blog changes! I loved Kristen’s class. She’s such a wonderful teacher.

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks, Sonia. I loved Kristen’s class, too.

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