Stray Thoughts, Plus a Mashup of Awesomeness

Sometimes, a girl just needs a place to put some random and stray thoughts down, you know? So here goes.

~ No one should bomb Norway. No way, no how. Too, too sad. I wish I could hug everyone there.

~ No one should go past the barriers at Niagra Falls. No way, no how. Too, too sad that they died.

~ Amy Winehouse. Too, too sad. Finally bought her Back to Black cd…but that’s me, all over it – but only when it’s all over.

~ Google + Well, from everything I’m hearing – I’m glad I didn’t jump on that bandwagon. I still may, but they’ve got a lot of ‘splaining to do.

~ Hey Mambo Red – Just bought another 3 bottles of it. 2 for camping. Truly. No joke. Stop it! (sipping on the 3rd bottle as we speak…)

~ Speaking of wine – hubby picked up two more bottles of the Ironstone Symphony. One’s in the fridge. We don’t go camping for two more weeks. May just have to pick up another bottle.

~ even though she spelled my hero’s name wrong, Eva’s Sanctuary gave DEMON SOUL a 4.5 stars out of 5. Can’t complain!

~ Didn’t see Deathly Hallows part 1. But LOVED part 2. Alan Rickman is the man. THE MAN! Best of luck to the three main kids. Whatever they do, they’re set for life – monetarily. I hope.

~ Don’t understand folks putting their first – or subsequent – chapters of their works in progress up online. If it’s bad, um, oops? And if it’s good – same go. As someone else’s gramma used to say about premarital sex – why should I buy the cow when I get the milk for free? (Even if the milk (book) is bad.)

~ Love the supportive writer community. I don’t know – is it just the folks I’m connected with on Twitter/Facebook/email? Or is it all writers? Don’t care. Love it!

~ Why is it you replenish a drink, but you never plenish it?

~ Borders closing. My heart breaking. School kids everywhere losing a place to be tutored. Writers everywhere losing a place to write. Readers everywhere losing a place to get lost in a book. Lose/lose proposition. Damn you, Amazon.

~ Yay for young people willing to join the Peace Corps after college. Shannon D, I’m so proud of you.

~ Hate politics. Doesn’t matter which party at this point. It seems it’s “party above country” – and that’s just WRONG. #governmentfail

~ Still love Joss Whedon. How can I not? Buffy 4-Ever.

~ Having a broken leg sucks. Going on vacation with a broken leg is better than not going on vacation – even if it’s camping.


Below are some of the wonderful places I’ve been in the last week or so. Hope you enjoy.

Visit a different side of Paris with John Sealander. I’ve been there in the snow. It’s another world, totally.

If you haven’t discovered Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin yet, you should. She writes fantastic, sexy, intelligent books.

Susan McMartin suffers for beauty, after an enforced absence. Truly funny.

Les Floyd discusses the weekend’s news in this heartfelt and inspiring post. He’s my new hero.

If you haven’t heard of Savvy Authors yet, and you’re a writer, then you need to go there. Now. Tons of helpful information no matter how long you’ve been writing.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of DEMON SOUL. Just got a 4 star review in September’s Romantic Times Book Reviews, and a 4.5 star review at Eva’s Sanctuary. Try it – you’ll like it!

That’s all for now, folks. Remember, summer is about half over. Have fun, love much, and drink responsibly!




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7 Responses to Stray Thoughts, Plus a Mashup of Awesomeness

  1. Hey girl with my same name,

    Thoughts on your stray thoughts. I’m in utter disbelief over Norway… So happy to hear that Eva gave you a 4.5 (and beyond that I’ll keep my opinions of the review to myself)… Couldn’t agree more on Alan Rickman (that voice of his gives me chills in all the right ways)… Just joined the “supportive writer community” and I’m addicted (Do you suppose they have a support group for that? har, har)… I’m already mourning the loss of my favorite Borders 🙁 and my favorite Seattles Best pastries 🙁 … Love Joss Whedon (Spike was my man!) and I think Fire Fly never got a fair shake… I’ve already read three of Eden’s stories and loved them all… Visited Susan’s beauty blog and now I know what I will never do… lol

  2. Great links! Thanks for sharing.

    The Norway tragedy is beyond horrible. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected. And Amy Winehouse…so sad too.

    What’s the problem with Google+? I hadn’t heard any issues. I’m a member but haven’t been on it regularly.

    • Sonia,

      I’ve lost the link – but there seems to be a bunch of people migrating stuff to google +, and then having google shut them down for not being “real”. I’m not sure if it’s a pseudonym issue or what – but one guy lost stuff he’d migrated from several platforms, google said he wasn’t “real”, and he was cut off. With no explanation. Couldn’t even copy his stuff to migrate back, and lost it all. And even a google employee tried to help, and was told no.

      So…I’m just watching at this point. I personally don’t really need another social networking arena…you know?

  3. Dayle says:

    Free material online (the good stuff) works as a loss leader, to get readers interested in your work. Same as putting chapters of the next book in at the end of the previous book. Right now, my free short stories are getting thousands of hits per month, and are driving up the sales of my others stories. It’s pretty groovy. 🙂

    The failure of Borders wasn’t due to Amazon, but a lot of mistakes at the corporate level.

    • Dayle, I’m talking about unpubbed writers who have been doing it maybe three or four months putting up chapters on their blogs. Until the whole darn book is up there. IMO, that’s – um – not really smart.

      You, on the other hand, are an entirely different package, cookie!

      • Dayle says:

        LOL! I wasn’t thinking of me at all! But it still can work, even for an unpubbed author – it gets people coming back to their website, generates buzz, and people do buy ebooks and even print books after they’ve read them free online!

        I entirely agree, however, that it has to be good work. Good writing trumps everything.

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