I’m Not In England

Hey folks, don’t worry, I’m not stranded in England (who in their right mind goes there in the summertime?). I’m here in the States with family – no emergency, no funds needed, but not very near internet connectivity, either. I’ve been hacked to the extent that I can’t access Facebook AT ALL, nor do I have ANY email contact list at all, and no messages after August 2nd.

I apologize, and hope whole-heartedly that the folks that hacked me will have Karma biting their butt very soon.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to straighten out Facebook and Yahoo, but so it goes. When I get everything right again, I’ll post here and on Twitter.

Peace out, people, and thanks for your concern! I’d email you individually but – you’re no longer in my email address. SO sorry!

And how’s your Wednesday morning going?

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One Response to I’m Not In England

  1. Update…I will be devising a post to explain just what you need to check when you’ve been hacked. Because – surprise! – AT&T/Yahoo don’t tell you everything you need to know.

    I’m now outside in the darkening night taking care of it ONE MORE TIME because the f&ckers are trying to access my Facebook account AGAIN.

    Deep breath…

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