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Update June 2015: Guarded Star came out March 24, 2015 from Boroughs PublishingGuardedStar4 Group. A full length novel, it continues the loosely-connected StarTide series begun in Christmas Star, published in October 2014.

Regarding the Caine Brothers series, it’s on the schedule to come out this summer. Book 3 will be written this spring, and I hope to have all three books available by the end of August.

Update July 2014:  So, San Antonio! The 2014 RWA Conference is over once again. If you want my recap, go here.

Regarding the Caine Brothers series, I’m “refreshing” the covers and trying to get book 3 written. They are not currently available, sorry!


September 2012 Five Stars from Long and Short Reviews for DEMON HUNT! AND, voted Book of the Month by readers at LASR!


Demon Hunt voted Book of the Month September, 2012!

July 16, 2012 DEMON HUNT is now available at Amazon!

Update: June 2, 2012 BLOOD DREAMS is now available at Amazon – only 99cents!

Update: March 15, 2012  DEMON SOUL has won an award at Reader Views Literary Awards! It has won in the Pacific West Division, and came in as an Honorable Mention in the Romance Category. Go HERE to see the entire list.

So, I am rightfully stoked about this…AND, I’ve heard from my editor that I can expect a JULY release for DEMON HUNT! WOO! Of course things could change, so I’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE 2/29/12:

I’ve got an interview up at Night Owl Reviews ! They’re a terrific spot for news and reviews for romance books. Check them out if you haven’t!

Update 1-23-12 – Just received a new review for DEMON SOUL from Just Between the Pages reviews – 4.5 Fairies!!!  Go and read the full review by clicking on the rating. It just goes to show you – it’s NEVER too late to ask for a review!

Plus – another review just came in. Check it out at Reader Views  – no stars or fairies, but an interesting review. She strongly notes that this is NOT for teens and I have to agree, totally.

UPDATE 7-31-11  5 Stars and a TOP PICK From The Romance Reviews for DEMON SOUL. “A powerful debut novel that will capture your heart and soul.”     UPDATE 7-23-11 DEMON SOUL receives a 4 star review from Romantic Times Book Reviews (Sept 2011) ! Available at Crescent Moon Press  ,   Amazon ,  All Romance eBooks , and Barnes and Noble

3-17-2011 There it is, my first cover! WOO! The book should be out by the end of the month. Find it at Crescent Moon Press!

UPDATE 10-13-10 I am very happy to announce that I’m contracted with Crescent Moon Press for Demon Hunt and Demon Soul! When I have more information, I’ll let everyone know – but in the meantime, check out my publisher at crescentmoonpress.com … thanks!

9-25-10 Welcome! I’m a writer of novels, plays, and short stories. Someday I may even write more than one screenplay, if my husband has his way. I’m still studying and learning my craft, and I suspect no matter how many novels, plays and short stories I have success with, I will ALWAYS be studying and learning. Currently I’m working on a series of paranormal romances, a couple of YA novels, and a play about two people who end up being each other’s salvation. Never let it be said that I’ve got a one track mind. Take a look around, let me know what you think. It’s my first website and I’m sure as I get better at this, I’ll be tweaking it. In the meantime, enjoy!



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