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Excerpt from Demon Rage…New Content!

My publisher has me polishing up the three Caine novels for a re-launch (new covers!), and adding or extending the books. Books 1 and 3 (Demon Soul and Demon Rage) have epilogs…book 2, Demon Hunt, has an extended ending, and … Continue reading

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When the Words Get Demanding

I know, I’ve been sporadic on my blogging again, so sorry. But something in me (or the universe) has shifted, and the words are getting demanding again. Projects are piling up, and I’m carving more time out of my downtime … Continue reading

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It Takes Skill to Kill a Cabbage

It really does take skill to kill a perfectly grown cabbage, but I apparently have that skill down pat.  But let me ease you into the horror… Here’s a photo of my beautiful ruby cabbage, just after being picked. It … Continue reading

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Dad’s Words, No. 1 – On Writing

Chet Cunningham Okay, so. On Sunday, as my last post here said, Tom (the hubs) and I went to see my Daddy and to work in his garden. Well, Tom worked in the garden. I interviewed my dad. See, there’s … Continue reading

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SoCal RWA Conference – A Quick Update

  I am having the very devil of a time getting this post together today – so sorry! It’s been a madhouse here – I’m behind on everything at work, and I need to get at least 2k words written before I … Continue reading

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SoCal RWA Conference Weekend!

Today is the beginning of the SoCal RWA Conference in Santa Ana, California. Which means I get to spend the better part of three days with writers and agents and editors while I learn and laugh…what’s not to like about that? … Continue reading

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Leaping Ahead

I love Daylight Savings Time. I cannot lie. I have always loved the leap ahead, fall back routine. As everyone around me gets grumpy, and as we lose around a billion dollars of productivity nation-wide on the leap-ahead Monday, I … Continue reading

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How to Taste Wine

It’s been a rough week at Chez Ashworth, culminating in coming down with a nasty cold that’s been making the rounds of the office, so I am way behind in today’s wine blog. Instead of highlighting some affordable wines, I’m … Continue reading

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The Pollyanna Side of Things on Writer Wednesday

I am an Optimist. Part of the reason may be that I grew up reading and re-reading the Pollyanna books. Eleanor H. Porter wrote the first Pollyanna, and the sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up. Pollyanna went on to have many adventures … Continue reading

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