About Me

So, about me. I’m a writer from a family of writers – Chet Cunningham is my dad, and he published over 350 novels before his death in 2017. Scott Cunningham is my brother, and he still has books that sell extremely well, even after his death in 1993. While I’m not as prolific as my father, nor as well known as my brother, I do have several books out, and am writing more. I currently have a Day Job as an Office Manager, working from home most of the time since March 2020.

I grew up in San Diego and met my soulmate through dancing with California Ballet Company. We live in Ventura County with two tall sons who make me laugh every day, and are accompanied on this journey by a rescue mutt named Whimsy, and a rescue polydactyl cat named Zaphod. Thanks for dropping by!