About Me

Christine Cunningham Ashworths true love is the written word. Her writing continues the legacy left by her father, novelist Chet Cunningham and her brother Scott Cunningham, an icon of metaphysical publishing. She believes magic is everywhere and available to everyone. From tending to the garden and land spirits, to utilizing breath as a tool for mindfulness, Christine lives her craft.

Christine is a popular speaker at writers’ conferences, as well as at cartomancy conferences, such as The International Divination Event, the Northwest Tarot Symposium, and StaarCon. Christine also presents at Pagan festivals like Phoenix Phyre and Trees of Autumn Gathering. Christine’s first novel came out in 2011. Since then she has published over ten novels, numerous short stories, and the non-fiction essay collection Wear the Pearls and Other Bits of Wisdom. Since 2018, she has written a regular column in The Cartomancer Magazine. A native of San Diego, Christine lives with her husband Tom in southern California.