Meet Me Monday

Meet Me Monday

Today is Meet Me Monday, so I need to tell you something you may not have otherwise known about me. It took me awhile to decide what to divulge – I have SO many secrets, you see – but I finally hit on one.

I’m an extremely vocal fan of sporting events. It can be any sporting event, professional or amateur; on TV or in person. I am the girl who will pick a team “just because” and then become VERY vocal during the game. If my side is falling apart and I’m watching on TV, then I go into a different room and refuse to watch the game because my heart can’t take it. I get WAAAY involved – Basketball, Soccer, lately Hockey – I jump up and down, scream at the refs, chew my team out – chew out the other team when they batter my guys – it quite entertains my hubby.

When my kids were in soccer, I had to learn to keep it clean and positive; but I regularly lost my voice cheering our team on.

Got a little known fact about you that you want to share? From all the comments today, I’ll be giving away a copy of DEMON SOUL!

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