Blessed Samhain

Blessed Samhain

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The Harvest has ended and summer is officially over. The light wanes; the darkness creeps on ever earlier. All Hallows’ Eve is the night where the veil is the thinnest between the worlds; when the dead can speak again to the living, and the living can hear them.

Pile your bonfire high. Circle it at least once without looking over your shoulder. Ward your home with hag stones and crystals, or plain table salt; and keep a courteous tongue in your mouth to all who cross your path after dark. You never know if you speak with the living or the dead, when the light has failed.

Be vigilant. Keep your loved ones close, your small pets closer. There is but a sliver of  moon in the sky to light your way when the streetlights go dark.

This year has been different; people, strangers, are wishing me Happy Halloween in droves. More people in my neighborhood have Halloween lights and decorations up than ever before. But the goblins knocking on my door range from the sweetest young princess to a towering ogre – all, of course, being properly “treated”. One young witch even rested her broom in the “Broom Parking Only” space by my front door.

The year turns. Sometimes it seems to me that I celebrate the start of a new year two or three times, once school has started in the fall. But that’s okay with me – it gives me more chances to get it right.

Happy Halloween. May your dead rest easy, may your spirit soar on the winds, and may your bonfire never die out – till morning makes the world safer again.

Blessed Samhain.  Blessed Be. It’s time to light my own bonfire.