Every blog that gets traffic gets spam. That’s the reality. I haven’t, yet, decided to put a captcha program on my blog (where  you have to input a wiggly set of letters and numbers to prove you’re human and not a bot in order to comment) and that’s okay. I use Akismet and they catch a lot.

However, I get email notifications of these spammers. And usually it’s something polite, every now and then it’s a foreigner trying to write English, and always it’s a company wanting my business.

The one post that has been generating most – nay, ALL – of the spam is one I wrote late last year titled “Rejection City”. The comments are closed for that post, btw, but that doesn’t stop the spammers from trying. And today’s spam made me laugh out loud.

Today’s spammer called me on the carpet. The message said they were disappointed that my content had nothing to say, that they didn’t learn a single thing from my blog post. As if that would make me write them back? Seriously?

I just tried to find that post in my trash, but my computer is that efficient – it’s already dumped it. But it was truly laugh-out-loud hysterical.

Universe, I know I don’t blog enough here. I know I’m not always educational, but I do try to be entertaining. And I’m really cutting down on the sad stuff. No, really. So if you don’t mind, please send me spam that’s more along the lines of “I truly love your blog you say great things about this subject everyone should think about it I will have all my relatives follow  you.” Oh, and have it be from somewhere creative, like an erectile dysfunction pill manufacturer, or something. Okay?

Peace out, peeps!