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Welcome to my internet home. I write contemporary and paranormal romance, and I’m thrilled that you found me here.


A Few Particulars:

At my Blog, I talk about ballet, and gardening, adventuring around So Cal, cooking and wine and life and sometimes writing. 2017 was a tough year, I’m not gonna lie. I do hope to blog more consistently now that a lot of the stress and grief has passed.

Writing News has all the latest- well, news – on my writing life.

Chet Cunningham is my dad. He passed away in March 2017, but his work lives on.

Scott Cunningham  is my brother – he’s got his own page because he’s partly why I’m a writer. Miss him bunches.

Facebook is where I tend to hang, more than Twitter…so find me there. On Twitter, I’m @CCAshworth.

Feel free to poke around.


Oh, and if you need to get in touch with me, here’s a handy form. =)