Paranormal Romance

THE GUARDIAN SOUL – Book 1 in the Caine Brothers Series – A novella 


Marie-Therese has one job before she can go home to her own realm: get close to Gideon Caine and learn how to close Portals. Sexy times, definitely, but staying forever? Out of the question. But a bond is forged between them that she cannot deny.

Gideon is immediately drawn to the beautiful half Fae, half human. But she not only distrusts his tribred blood – demon, human, and Fae – but she also distrusts her own abilities to heal.

When they go to close a Portal opened by a natural gas leak, they end up battling more demons than they had expected, and now Gideon’s life hangs in the balance. Marie-Therese must use untested powers to save her fated mate.

THE FRACTURED SOUL – Book 2 in the Caine Brothers Series 

He’ll become the devil himself…

A tribred without a soul, Gabriel Caine stands on the edge of Hell. His only hope is to retrieve his soul from the one who stole it, and control the warring demon, Fae, and human bloodlines burning inside him.

After a series of poor life choices left her for dead, Rose Walters is given a reprieve and a chance at redemption. She has only one task to complete: save Gabriel Caine. But the leather-clad dude with a dangerous aura doesn’t look like he’s in need of saving. Despite her misgivings, after Gabriel kills a demon hell-bent on making Rose his pre-breakfast snack, she agrees to remain under the Caine brothers’ protection.

As Gabriel and Rose fight against demons and vampires to find his soul, Rose realizes everything she wanted in her previous life is wrapped up in Gabriel; but to save him, she just might have to sacrifice her life. Gabriel is inexplicably drawn to the winsome warrior and begins to yearn for the love he doesn’t believe he deserves. He vows to protect her, even if that means saving her from himself.

THE WARRIOR SOUL – Book 3 in the Caine Brothers Series 

He’ll have to surrender to the darkness…

Gregor Caine has spent most of his life fighting the darkness inside him. He trusts in his humanity and refuses to concern himself with his demon and Fae blood…until a portal unleashes a demon darkness and brings a woman he cannot resist.

Serra Willows is a Warrior Fae determined to destroy both the portal to the Chaos Plane and the horde of demons threatening Los Angeles. She refuses to be distracted by this new, exciting world, or Gregor, the tribred that stirs her blood to a frenzy.

The road to Hell is paved with the best of intentions, and as desire between them grows hot, so too does the demonic threat. When the demon in charge marks Serra as his own, Gregor must accept his own demon blood and become everything he hates. He just hopes it will be enough to save the woman he loves…

“A potent, exciting, Fae adventure that keeps you turning pages while you try to catch your breath.  Ashworth’s talent shines in this unique and original novel.  Do not miss it.”
~NY Times Bestselling Author Maggie Shayne 


THE ANCIENT SOUL – Book 4 in the Caine Brothers Series 

Justin Caine was a healer until the night of the massacre that brought the demon inside of him to life. Now, a blind rage drives him, powerful enough to destroy his home, his family, and even the woman he loves.

Maggie de la Cruz wants peace as much as Justin does, but she’ll be damned if she’ll sacrifice him to get it. She’ll need all her strength, cunning, and magic to go to war with evil.

As they make their final stand against an ancient, foul entity struggling to be reborn, Maggie and Justin must choose—life, or their love.

Can their love defeat the fury of the Ancient Soul?


WOLF’S HEART – A Caine Worlds Story 

Raven Malick is on the trail of a doctor who tampers with human DNA when his search leads him to Dr. Megan Cavanaugh. His planned approach, however, did not include being hit with a dart full of wolfsbane.

Megan desperately needs to hire more doctors to help out with her expanded medical facility for the supernatural folk in the Los Angeles area. When Megan finds Raven passed out in her elevator, she does what she always does – puts her talent, and her heart, to use in order to heal him.

Convinced that Megan is not who he’s looking for, the two of them team up to figure out just who might ebe behind the horrific DNA experiments. But Derek De Luca, a self-proclaimed protector of Megan’s is determined to keep them both in the dark about the Borgati Project, while keeping the delectable Fae, Doc Megan, for himself…