Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham

Born June, 1956 – Died March, 1993

Since I had my dad up here, I figured Scott deserved a page as well. (He’d have loved all this new technology!)

Whispers of the Moon - The Life and Work of Scott Cunningham
Whispers of the Moon – The Life and Work of Scott Cunningham

If you know nothing about him but you are interested because, hey, I’ve given him his own page on my site, then please check out this book, a biography written by two of his best friends. He was an amazing soul, an amazing (and often irritating) brother (as brothers often are), and his books continue to reach out and touch so many people.

He wrote many genre books – romances, westerns – to help pay the bills while he was writing his Llewellyn books. The genre books are long since out of print (though you can find some still on ABE Books); his Llewellyn books are still selling. This one is one of my favorites, below.

The Magical Household, by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington
The Magical Household, by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington





Whispers of the Moon was written by two of his close friends. I think I’ve got a quote in there.





BOSLlewellyn received a box of Scott’s papers, years after he died, and in 2009 they put together Cunningham’s Book of Shadows. They kindly asked me if I’d like to say a few words about him, so I gathered my thoughts and did a brief essay.

Christopher Penczak put out a book called Ancestors of the Craft through Copper Cauldron Publishing. I’ve got an essay in there
about Scott. The two of them never met, but Scott would have appreciated Christopher.

Here are a couple photos of Scott and I …

Scott & Christine, San Diego, 1982 Photo by Chet Cunningham
Scott & Christine, San Diego, 1982 (?) Photo by Chet Cunningham

I love this photo of us. We’re both blissed-out with our eyes closed (though it was probably that my dad liked to have us face the sun when he took our photos).

Here’s another one from the same series of shots.

Scott and Christine, San Diego 1982 Photo by Chet Cunningham
Scott and Christine, San Diego 1982 (?)  Photo by Chet Cunningham

We had been goofing off in the front yard and dad came out with his camera.

If you do know about him and his work, please feel free to leave a comment below. I know there’s a community of people who miss him, and thought this might be one way to celebrate his life and his work.

It’s funny. It’s been two decades plus since he died, and it still feels like all I have to do is think of him and he’ll give me a call.

As I find more photos of us, I’ll add them to this page.  If YOU have a photo that  you’d like to have added to this page, send it to me as a .jpg and I’ll be happy to add it.



6 Responses to Scott Cunningham

  1. Maria Powers says:

    I believe that our loved ones who have passed on are only a thought away. Our corporeal vessels that house our souls block us from seeing them but they are with us all the time. I didn’t know your brother, but I used to read many Llewellyn books. I am definitely going to go order the Magical Household. Hugs Christine and this is a great page.

    • Ambrosia says:

      Bonjour de la France ,
      Les Livres de Scott ont beaucoup influencé la pratique Wicca en France (le pays de Lafayette) depuis 1993 .
      Merci Scott et une grande pensée aujourd’hui pour lui rendre hommage.
      Blessed Be !

      Gros bisous à toi “Christine ” .

      • Christine says:

        Ambrosia, as soon as I get my French-speaking sons to translate, I’ll be able to give you a knowledgeable reply. Many kisses to you!

  2. Diane Haynes says:

    Christine~ Thank you for this page. Scott’s books are read, referenced, hoarded and loved in our community. He was a gift and is missed by millions of fans.

  3. Ambrosia says:

    Bonjour Catherine,
    Depuis la France, je vous envoie mes meilleurs vœux de bonheur et de prospérité pour 2015.
    Cordialement !

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