Yvonne Jocks, Evelyn Vaughn, Writer Extraordinaire!

Yvonne Jocks, Evelyn Vaughn, Writer Extraordinaire!

Yvonne Jocks, Author

Yvonne Jocks, Author (Isn’t this logo FABULOUS??)

I met Yvonne Jocks at my very first Romance Writers of America conference in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. Yvonne was not only signing books, but she was teaching a workshop on how to incorporate the use of magic in your writing. When I saw in the syllabus for the week that one of the books she used as a reference was one of my brother Scott’s, I of COURSE had to introduce myself. Big hugs and instant friendship – I count myself very lucky to have Von in my life (though it has been TOO LONG since I’ve hugged her!) She is also a part of the online band of intrepid writers that I belong to, along with Jenn Reese and Anne Nesbet, middle grade authors that I profiled last week.

Whether you pick up books by Yvonne Jocks or Evelyn Vaughn, the experience is always spellbinding.  Harlequin has published many of her books (two series I adore, The Grailkeepers and The Bladekeepers, are written under Evelyn Vaughn for Harlequin), and she has a new series out now called Overtime, written under the Yvonne Jocks name. The Overtime series is the one I’m focusing on today.

Here’s the first in the Overtime series. SEARCHING

Overtime, Book 1

Overtime, Book 1 – Searching

When an 1870’s trail boss with no sense of humor rescues a pretty time traveler with no memory, there’ll be trouble on the cattle drive.

A girl doesn’t wind up naked in a Kansas creek bed without asking herself the tough questions. If the first one is “Who am I”, she’s in for a rough time … or maybe the wrong time completely!

Despite the reluctant help of an 1870s trail-boss, “Lillabit” finds only contradictions. Though she’s guileless, her language shocks Texas cowboys. Though independent, she can’t rein a horse. She’s smart, but not about “current” events. And her dreams feature elevators, electricity, plumbing–and impossibility.

Something awful has happened. So as Lillabit acclimates to the slow, steady world of an Old West cattle drive, is she really finding herself? Or is she, just maybe, losing worlds more than her memory?

And book 2…TURNING

Turning, Book 2 in the Overtime series

Turning, Book 2 in the Overtime series


Amnesia was easier.

Stranded in 1870s Dodge City, Lillabit remembers: She’s Elizabeth Rhinehart, a modern woman thrown back in time against her will.

Also? Someone may be out to kill her.

Her only hope of returning home lies with a trio of scientists in Colorado. To get there, Elizabeth needs passage with someone she can trust… perhaps someone like the no-nonsense trail boss who first rescued her from the desert. But even if Jacob Garrison lets her rejoin his cattle drive to Wyoming–once he learns her secrets, will he let her go home? Will she WANT to?

TURNING is the 2nd book and continuation of the somewhat romantic, sometimes comic, cattle-drive time-travel OVERTIME series. It ties up several major elements of the story–but we have 2 books to go! 

Don’t those sound fantastic? If you want to know more about Yvonne Jocks, drop by her website.

And if you want more information about the Grailkeepers, click on the Grailkeepers button over to the left – there’s a wealth of history and research and other fun stuff there.

Speaking of books, what are you reading right now?


Writer Wednesday – Showcasing Anne Nesbet

Writer Wednesday – Showcasing Anne Nesbet

Middle Grade Writer Extraordinaire

Writers tend to gather. Sometimes online, often in person, but with other writers who they admire, like, are inspired by, and who truly get the journey. I have been incredibly lucky to belong to a small online group of women writers that support each other as we traverse the storms of publishing and life. One of these women is Anne Nesbet, a hugely talented Middle Grade author.

I get to read snippets of her work before it’s polished, and I am always transported. No one puts words together quite like Anne.

Anne is currently on sabbatical to France, where she is traveling and gathering information for a research-type book, but also gathering information for her next middle grade novel. This next bit is from her Amazon Page:

“Anne Nesbet teaches Russian literature and the history of film at U. C. Berkeley. She lives near San Francisco with her husband, several daughters, and one irrepressible dog. THE CABINET OF EARTHS is her first novel. You can visit her online at www.annenesbet.com”

Anne Nesbet, Author and Teacher

Anne Nesbet, Author and Teacher

She’s working on a new novel that I can’t talk about, but holy moly is it fascinating! I haven’t yet read THE CABINET OF EARTHS but it’s on my list.


Here’s the Amazon description of The Cabinet of Earths:

“The Cabinet of Earths, Anne Nesbet’s debut novel for tweens, blends fantasy, science, and horror into an irresistible story in the vein of the classic His Dark Materials series.

Twelve-year-old Maya is miserable when she has to move from California to Paris. Not speaking French at a school full of snobby French girls is bad enough, but Maya believes there is something sinister going on in her new city. A purple-eyed man follows Maya and her younger brother, James. Statues seem to have Maya’s face. And an eerie cabinet filled with mysterious colored bottles calls to her.

When James becomes the target of dark forces, Maya decides she must answer the call of the Cabinet of Earths, despite the danger.”

Anne has a sequel to it, as well, called A BOX OF GARGOYLES…take a look!

A Box of Gargoyles by Anne Nesbet

A Box of Gargoyles by Anne Nesbet

Here’s what Amazon has to say about Gargoyles…

“Fans of Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass will love Anne Nesbet’s middle-grade fantasy A Box of Gargoyles.

In this sequel to The Cabinet of Earths, twelve-year-old Maya is feeling more at home in Paris, a city filled with old magic. Her little brother, James, is safe, and the terrible man with purple eyes is gone. At least Maya believed he was until a person-sized column of dust and leaves with hints of purple where its eyes should be begins following her.

Maya suspects the strange, shadowy column is what’s left of the purple-eyed man, and that it—he—is behind the eerie changes in Paris, including the appearance of flying, talking stone gargoyles. She’s right. Worse, he has bound Maya to make him whole again, even if it kills her.”

If you’ve got a Middle Grade reader, surprise them this holiday with Anne’s books. And when they’re busy doing other things, read them yourself. I have a feeling you’ll be as transported as your child.

What are the kids in your life reading these days?


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