Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest!

Did I Notice Your Book Blogfest!

Ciara Knight, a friend of mine, has joined together with Alex J. Cavanaugh for this fun blog hop – all about books that may be hidden gems, but that the world should read and know about. No book that is on the NY Times or USA Today bestseller lists is allowed, and neither is our own book if we’re a writer.

I had a hard time choosing. I have many writer friends and have read and reviewed a lot of their books in the past year. So I decided to go online and check out all the reviews I’ve done at Amazon – and one book stood out for me.

Lorna Tedder's cover of Flying By Night

Lorna Tedder’s Flying By Night. (That link is to Amazon.)

Here’s the blurb (again from Amazon):

” “The last time I saw my two husbands alive, they were standing naked before the Altar of the Goddess.”

So begins a harrowing tale of suspense, mystery, and spirituality. Kestrel Firehawk, a polyamorous witch, is framed for the murders of her lovers and forced to flee for her life on Beltane Eve.

Almost as dangerous as a cold-blooded killer is Dylan MacCool, the burned-out detective on Kestrel’s trail. His pursuit of answers will bring him to his knees–and take him to a destiny he never knew existed.”

And…below is the review I put up on Amazon:

“A terrific novel set in the pagan/Wiccan world, Flying By Night is an amazing story filled with love and tragedy and written with depth and compassion. Det. “Finn” McCool, working a seemingly ritualistic double-murder case where a woman also goes missing, is plunged into a world he’s afraid of – the pagan world – and doesn’t realize the depth of his own prejudices until he pushes away the one person he needs more than anything.

Kestrel Firehawk is the missing woman; she is guided to a pagan group who helps her, hides her, and literally saves her life by distracting the murderer out to get her. Years later, Finn tracks Kestrel down; unfortunately, so does the murderer, who will not suffer a witch to live. There are other players in the game who come to Kestrel and Finn’s aid; and the four of them become locked in a showdown to the death with the murderer.

I devoured this novel during work, throughout my lunch hour, and sat and read when I finally got home – I could not put this book down unless I absolutely had to, it was that good. The writing is rich, complex with imagery, emotion, and history, and will catch your heart. A jewel of a book.”

If you know Lorna, tell her I noticed her book. And then go check it out for yourself – you will not be disappointed! Oh – and October is the perfect season to read it. Treat yourself – get a copy for your Kindle!

Buy the book here: AMAZON

Find Lorna here: BLOG

~ Until the next time, cheers – and remember to drink responsibly! ~

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Monday Mashup of Awesomeness

Monday Mashup of Awesomeness

In the spirit of Holiday, and Freedoms, and all around extreme coolness, I’m passing on some blogs – or books – that I’ve found to be amazing, wonderful, interesting, or just very, very cool.

First up is Ais Portraits and her terrific post about food styling. This young woman is a terrific photographer, and I’ve just today found her. Trust me when I say I’ll be following her development!

Ais’s mom is Lorna Tedder, and her blog is The Spiritual Eclectic. An all around great place to hang. Lorna is good peeps and seeing her change and grow has been an amazing journey this past few years – plus I learn a lot!

I have to give a shout out to my very dear friend, Lynne Marshall. Her single title, ONE FOR THE ROAD, is out now from Wild Rose Press and it’s definitely a book full of heart. Lynne is a writer who knows how to dig into your emotions and keep you hooked, right from the beginning. You can find her book here.

For knowledge and fun, give Catie Rhodes a try. She’s a writer who blogs about – well, a lot. Today, she’s blogging about high treason, and how everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence could have been drawn and quartered (and I don’t mean have a portrait made and given a place to sleep), plus a lot worse. She gives good history – it’s another place where I always learn something.

For writers looking for mentors, check out Kristen Lamb’s blog. She’s the #1 social media guru for writers, in my opinion. Plus, she’s downright funny and fun to hang with. She teaches online classes, too – so if you can grab one of those, do!

Another terrific writing mentor is Bob Mayer. I’ve taken his Warrior Writer class twice now, both times in person, and done all the exercises in his book at least twice. He’s dedicated, funny, and prolific. He’s got his finger on the indie press pulse, and I’ve learned a lot from him. Because of an idea he gave me in one of his workshops, I sold my first book. So I’m also forever indebted to him!

And last but not least, for this week anyway, is a wine blog by Joe Roberts called 1 Wine Dude. He’s a “certified” wine specialist, but he’s straight forward, funny, and not at all pretentious. I’m actually gonna find him on Twitter and follow, as he does reviews there. He tastes tons of wines of all price ranges and is witty about his reviews but not obscure.

So there you have it, some of my favorite online places to hang. Coming soon is a blog on pink wines – why, oh why couldn’t they have just kept calling them Rose? (Pretend there’s an accent on the “e” for me, okay?!)

In the meantime, have a safe and happy Fourth of July. Love from my house to yours!

~   ~   ~

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