Writer Wednesday – Lucy Lit

Writer Wednesday – Lucy Lit

Now, Lucy doesn’t know I’m featuring her today so I don’t have a full interview or anything with her, but what I do have for you is a terrific debut book that she’s written, titled 42, Rue du Jardin.

I confess, I bought it partially because its set in Savannah, Georgia and partially because I saw Rebecca Tsaros Dickson’s name on the cover. I’m just starting to follow Rebecca (she’s an author coach/editor/etc) and I wanted to see one of her finished products.

Lucy Lit's Debut Novel

Lucy Lit’s Debut Novel

42, Rue du Jardin is a winning debut, full of charm, relatable characters, and solid storytelling. The two lead characters, Cullan and Royce, are not in the first flush of youth; they are in their vigorous 40s, with good, solid careers. Cullan is navigating life while hoping against hope that she’ll find a man who can make her orgasm like they do in her romance books, while Royce is a businessman and Tantric scholar who loves to love women limp and satisfied before he moves on. The way Lucy brings these two together is so much fun.

Here’s the blurb:

“The streets of Savannah have stories to tell…

One determined (and detached) Alpha male. A woman whose faith in love is shattered. Tantric sex. Could be a disaster or maybe a path to healing.

What happens when your romance novel fantasies collide with your reality?

Forty-something Cullan Davis almost has it all. Loving family, friends, successful business, community activist.

And no sex life.

A chronic, disfiguring skin disease and past abuse left physical and emotional scars that prevent her from believing in relationship possibilities. Resigned to being alone, she compensates by living vicariously through the heroines in her beloved romance novels. When her real-life lust from afar notices her, panic sets in. She cannot possibly get involved. Her scars are too deep. No man wants a self-proclaimed freak, do they?

Royce Jacobson is a wealthy philanthropist, single parent of a twenty-year-old daughter and womanizing player. Practicing his own version of tantric sex, he subscribes to the love ’em and leave ’em satisfied mentality. He wants to add Cullan to his conquest list but discovers vulnerability in her, touching a part of him he didn’t know existed. She’s an enigma. And Royce excels at solving puzzles. He’s convinced tantra can break through her reserves… if only she would cooperate.

When they end up on opposite sides of a high-stakes business venture, sparks fly professionally and personally. How far will Royce go to get what he wants? Can Cullan learn to love herself and trust in a man?

Readers who value older characters proving that romance and sex are timeless will enjoy Cullan and Royce’s journey to the address of 42 Rue de Jardin. A complete novel with no cliffhanger – First in the Sultry Savannah Series.

This romance is for mature audiences only due to explicit content and language.”

Do yourself a favor, and check out this new author.

Find her at Amazon and her website. Tell her Christine sent you, lol!