Writing and Learning and Tarot and All

Writing and Learning and Tarot and All

Be Here Now

Photo of V and Mitchell Osborn at Readers Studio 2024 taken by me. (Mitchell is also the bomb. Check his website out!)

Back in the day, Be Here Now, a book by Ram Dass published in the 1970s, ended up being a catch phrase for everyone to stop thinking too far into the future and to focus on here and now. Last weekend when I was at Readers Studio, I had a tarot reading with the AMAZING V, your Tarot BFF.  First we talked (okay, I kind of fell apart, lol) and then she started pulling cards. And what it all came down to was, I was trying to use old software on new hardware…like trying to get a floppy disk read by a USB port. Not happening, right?

Well, the systems I had in place when I was regularly writing novels, you know, fifteen-twenty years ago, probably won’t work for me now because – surprise! – I’m that much older (and don’t like getting up at 3am if I happen to wake up, and going to write for a couple hours). I need a new system in order to get the books written.

I don’t have that new system in place quite yet. I’m still working on it. But I’m writing, bit by bit, word by word. The desire and the need is there. The heart is there. I will find a way, a new system, that works with the me that I am now, post pandemic. And as I go, I will give myself grace. I don’t change overnight. I don’t create the new in the blink of an eye. It takes me time to find my groove, and work out the wrinkles. I’ll get there, and hopefully soon, because I’d really like to have this book finished and turned in before the end of June. We’ll see.

All this to remind you that you aren’t the you of twenty years ago…nore are you who you will be twenty years from now (give or take). So be here now…adjust your systems to work with today’s you, not yesterday’s you.

You’ve got this. And so do I.

Love, always.