Ah, the beautiful grape…

Ah, the beautiful grape…

I’ve been so busy writing and working that I’ve got nothing for the blog today (hangs head in shame). So I’m riffing on wine below, while in a complete brain stupor from too much learning of Quick Books at work and too much editing at home. Enjoy!

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Wine. It’s been used as a vehicle for poison – remember all those scenes with the wine glasses switching places? It’s been used as a way to impress (“I’ll have the Chateau LaFitte Rothschild ’64, my man”) and as a way to get a young, lissome teenager easily drunk (Boone’s Farm, anyone?).

When I was younger, red wine, red meat and garlic bread would ease my monthly cramps and put me in a happy place. (Actually, now that I think about it, those three ALWAYS put me in my happy place, lol.) When it’s cold outside, I love a big bottle of red wine to warm me up. Mulled wine is not out of place when it’s snowing or sleeting or even raining outside, no matter where you are in relation to sea level. But … moving on.

As you know, I’m all for the inexpensive, yet tasty, bottle of wine. So what do I do when  a respected and revered person gives me a bottle that easily costs – oh, say, six to ten bottles that I normally buy? And is sincerely interested in my opinion?

One genuflects, of course, and with all appreciation. The bottle is resting in my tiny wine cellar *koff koff* and I shall enjoy it this Saturday night, with an appropriate meal around it. Word has it on the internet that it benefits from an hour’s worth of aging. I think I can bring myself to allow it to age that long…but maybe not before taking a tiny sip.

Hopefully I can wrench myself away from editing on Sunday and can find the time to spill the beans on this wine. I’m really looking forward to it – I hope I love it!

Now, the weather is cooling down but the politics are heating up. What to drink while you’re avoiding all the debates, caucuses, rants and missteps leading up to the next election? Why, the 7 Deadly Zins, of course! (Whosoever amongst you be without sin, throw the first stone…man, I so wish ALL our politicians were compelled to follow that! I’m just so tired of rhetoric. What to watch on TV is another post, entirely!)

(By the way, did you get it? Zins? Sins? Politicians? Sorry…I crack myself up…) Anyway, I couldn’t let this post go without at least one wine mention. This unfortunately ISN’T under $10 – according to the sites I checked online, it’s running about $16 – but it’s a good, solid Zinfandel that will go well with any big, hearty meal you’re planning – especially as the weather turns again and grows cooler. And let’s face it – when politics heats up, we all need a little something special to keep our ears deaf to the noise. I truly believe 7 Deadly Zins is that special wine.

However, since I don’t have it in front of me and cannot in good conscience give it any sort of rating, I’ll merely say here that I’ve bought it in the past and I’ve enjoyed it.

And now my ducks, I must get my beauty sleep. Morning and rehab come all too quickly for my taste – but hopefully, in the afternoon, I’ll get the pesky boot off (remember it? No? Here’s a picture…) and I can start, slowly, reminding my body what it’s like to walk evenly on two feet. I was so hoping to just jump back into 

getting into shape – ah, not so. There’s this whole “getting your body used to having two good legs” thingie that my therapist is also helping me with, bless her heart.

Hopefully the change of topic so often didn’t give you whiplash…so, onward. Go forth and drink the fermented grapes, and let me know what you’ve discovered!

~ Until the next time, cheers – and remember to drink responsibly! ~

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Talking Rehab…

Talking Rehab…

I never thought I’d be going to rehab, but I’ve got my orders. And while I haven’t yet made the phone call, I will…right after I get back to the office. Just wait until I tell my new boss…

Three months. Relearning how to see, walk, balance. The rehab has a name, too – Vestibular Rehabilitation. Since in one eleven-hour surgery I lost all the “stuff” that helps me hear in my right ear, I need to relearn a bunch of stuff that most people do without thinking about it.

When I first talked to the Surgical Ontologist about it yesterday, I didn’t know how to feel. Last night I didn’t quite process it, either, and today I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s one of those things that I won’t know how I feel about it until I’m doing it. But when I told my Doc that I’d been taking yoga, practicing balancing, walking out doors, walking on a treadmill, lifting weights and doing my best to retrain my brain, he said simply that it had been too soon. And of course since I broke my leg, I haven’t done any of those things.

Being dizzy is annoying. To look drunk when I’m not drunk is even more annoying. If it takes rehab to get my eyes in better working order (because your eyes and your ears work together to give you your balance), then that’s what I’ll do. If it stops the dizziness, the sudden and inexplicable loss of balance, and as a byproduct if it helps me shed this excess broken-leg weight, then I’m all for it.

You won’t catch me saying “no, no no!” Not to MY rehab. (Love the song, though…)


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