SoCal RWA Conference Weekend!

SoCal RWA Conference Weekend!

Today is the beginning of the SoCal RWA Conference in Santa Ana, California. Which means I get to spend the better part of three days with writers and agents and editors while I learn and laugh…what’s not to like about that?

On Sunday, I’ll be participating in a large public book signing, where I’ll be signing copies of DEMON HUNT and DEMON SOUL. I sure hope there are a lot of So Cal peeps down there who like paranormal romance!

So you might be asking yourself, what wine goes with a conference? Well, since I’m not too sure about the  hotel prices, I always say bring your own. And since my go-to wine is Smoking Loon Pinot Noir, that’s what I’ll be bringing.

I’m doing a Book Camp this afternoon, then going to a cocktail/reception party tonight. Tomorrow morning I’m doing some volunteer work, then diving into workshops all day. Dinner with friends tomorrow night, woot!

Sunday is my big day – I’m giving a workshop at 9am (against some incredible speakers). It will be interesting to see how many people show up for my workshop! Maybe I’ll bring chocolate…

Then there’s a luncheon, and finally – from 1pm to 2:30pm – the book signing. So – lots to do! And as I’m leaving here at 9:30am to pick up the faboo Dayle Dermatis, my roommate for this venture, I’d better get packed, don’t you think?

Here’s hoping YOUR weekend will be jam-packed with friends, laughter, good food and good wine.



~ Until the next time, cheers – and remember to drink responsibly! ~


Demon Soul and Demon Hunt are all available for the Kindle and Kobo! Have you fallen into the Caine Brothers’ world yet?

Leaping Ahead

Leaping Ahead

I love Daylight Savings Time.

I cannot lie. I have always loved the leap ahead, fall back routine. As everyone around me gets grumpy, and as we lose around a billion dollars of productivity nation-wide on the leap-ahead Monday, I revel in it.

The daffodils under my apple tree. A happy surprise every Spring!

My body rejoices. More sunlight in the evenings, more time to linger in the garden, more time to slow down and enjoy after I get home from work. I can feel my spirit unfurl from the chill of winter, stretch and grow in the warmth of the sun. This is a time, for me, of reaching out, stretching beyond my known parameters; a time of growth, renewal, and joyous abandon. Of taking leaps of faith – in myself, in my loved ones, in new opportunities.

In the winter, it’s different – then, the time change signals to me to gather loved ones close, to prepare the hearth and home for cold days and nights, for simple joys of hearty meals and fires and the holidays. It’s soul-searching, inward work that needs to be done. But the springtime? That is when all the inward searching is given the permission to flower, to grow.

I wonder how many people would grumble so if the clocks just changed automatically and if we didn’t set ourselves up to dread it so much? I’ll never know. But I dearly hope we can keep Daylight Savings Time for as long as I’m hanging around. It does my spirit good.

What About You?

Do you like the time change, or do you wish it would all just go away? I’d love to know!