I’m beginning to think people are divided into two distinct sections (okay, more than that, but go with me here!); those of us who tear through books and pass them on to friends with no intention of rereading them, and those of us who read. And reread. And reread again and again and again and again and…am I boring you?

I used to be a library girl. The Bookmobile that came to our neighborhood was my Nirvana…and the librarian loved me, because my 8 year old self would check out the thickest books available for my age group (The Phoenix and the Carpet, Five Children and It, eventually hitting up the Nancy Drews I didn’t already have). Of course, I didn’t realize at the time that publishers made the books fat and small for small hands and big minds. But I digress.

I love the Kindle that my husband bought for “us” (read, me, but hello, he’s absconded with it, the cad!); it can hold all the books I love to reread. Every single one (that’s available for Kindle…). All that lovely bookish indulgence, right there in the palm of my hand. If I ever got my hands on it, that is. (But that’s okay. I’ve got the Kindle App for my iPod Touch. Life Is Good!!!)

But how does the Kindle (and other e-readers, for that matter) sit with those who read, give away, and forget? I know there are a lot of folks out there, and some of them in what used to be called “straitened circumstances” absolutely love their local library (when it’s open, of course) because they don’t have to KEEP the book. They read it, they return it. Why would these folks even bother with a Kindle, or a different e-reader? They read. They give away, or never, ever re-read. So why would they get an e-reader?

Perhaps folks will eventually check out e-readers from the library, set up with just the books you know you want to read. When you’re done (after a year or so, lol), you return the e-reader and pick up another one, already pre-loaded with the latest Oprah picks (okay, or whomever replaces her in the must-buy-this-book world). Maybe that’s what will happen.

However it turns out, I find I’m fascinated with the thought.

I’ve got to run, sorry! But…it’s October. That’s when I re-read The Lord of the Rings each year…in hardback…