I’m aiming to finish this novel in six weeks. 15K a week. 3K a day. I know I can do this, as two summers ago within five weeks I wrote over 140k on two different, complete novels. So I know I can do it. Plus, that will give me time to rewrite before turning it in – which I ‘d like to do the first week or so of December. And a friend has offered to copy edit for me – she used to do it freelance and would love to. So that would be a big help I think!

I admit, I am sufficiently motivated to get it written in six weeks! I’d really like to see the first book release early in the coming year – but I know nothing about how production works and I’m a bit shy still about asking questions. I really don’t want to be a pest.

But it certainly puts the days in perspective now. The writing comes first. Then the day job. THEN the housecleaning. Okay, yeah, it’s always been that way – you caught me. But now I’ve got a contract, it makes everything a little clearer. Thank goodness!

Work friends of mine who know NOTHING about the publishing business are asking me when I’ll become a star. I tell them I already am – they just don’t recognize it, lol! But perhaps when they can purchase the books, they will. You gotta love the hometown crowd…they’ll take you far, every time.