I’m headed off to my dear friend Tammy in Snowmass, Colorado, in just a couple of days. One, I want to disappear for awhile. Two, it’s no hotter than the low to mid-70s in Snowmass right now. Three, there may still be mushrooms to be found! YUM!!! (I am definitely a hobbit when it comes to mushrooms.)

I will, however, be taking my laptop and my camera, and may end up posting photos if I can figure that part out. If not, then I’ll contact my guru Jenn and figure it out when I get home.

The writing is going well. Focused on the play right now, as I want to finish it before I leave on Thursday. But I have ideas on how to change up the paranormal novels that don’t seem to be going anywhere. Which reminds me, I need to update my books page to prove I actually AM writing novels, and not just saying I am. Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow.

In the meantime – dinner is over, the family is happily off to either bed or reading before bed (because we’re big on that), and I too must head off to read in bed for awhile.

Tradition, after all, must be kept at all costs.