Now listen up, folks. This is a lesson for everyone who uses email for important communications. What I am about to tell you is imperative for you to assimilate and REMEMBER. The remembering part is the really important part.

Are you ready to be enlightened? Okay, here we go…ahem.

When you are doing any kind of business via email, it is imperative to double check to WHOM you are sending said email. Otherwise, such business could a) go to the entire company; b) go to everyone but the person you had expected it to go to; c) go to YOURSELF because you were stupid enough to have replied to your own email.

So. Guess which one happened to me, when I sent the REQUESTED FULL to the editor who was anxiously waiting to receive it? Yes. I sent it to myself. MYSELF. (Palm to forehead sound here.) Thank goodness said editor is lovely and patient and sweetly enquired today if I were still interested in sending it to her, or if I had planned to shop it around instead?

So I, completely boggled, sent it immediately to her (thank goodness I remembered the flash drive with the novel on it!) and told her I’d send her another follow-up email, just in case my messages weren’t connecting for some reason. So I sent it off and did my research of my “send” box.

I was so embarrassed to find I’d sent the novel to myself. In my defense, I will say I was up at 4am that morning and had been doing taxes (and that’s another story and not my fault), because I didn’t want it to seem like I was nerdy and needy and anxious to get the file to her. And because I wasn’t fully awake (only on my second cup of coffee, for goodness’ sakes), I sent the stupid novel to myself and have been biting my fingernails (figuratively – I had a manicure last week) ever since, waiting for her reaction.

So then I had to follow up with a, gee, I goofed, I sent it to myself email. I just hope she believes me because, darn it, it’s the truth, as stupid as it may be.

Now I think I will go to sleep. When I took off my eye makeup, that stuff got in my eyes and they’re all blurry now…

…and that’s the end of the lesson.