So, today I’ve got tons to do – I’m donating blood after I have a big breakfast, then I’ll be editing  my new book, DEMON HUNT.

For fun, check out my interview over at Laurie’s Place – well, it’s not exactly my interview, as my character Gabriel from DEMON SOUL answered all the questions…but if you want to win a copy, there’s also a giveaway there.

I’m also over at Flirty Author Bitches, talking about Story Basics.

Now, here’s a quick and easy breakfast dish, great for pre-blood donations! (Just made it – yum yum!!!)

yummy eggs benedictSpinach Eggs Benedict – click on the link and follow that recipe – but instead of ham or bacon under the egg, saute about a half-pound of spinach in butter until totally wilted. Squeeze fresh Meyer lemon on top – not too much! – and then top with the egg and the Easy Peasy Hollandaise sauce.  One egg per person, please! And put as MUCH spinach on that toast/bagel/english muffin as you wish.

Okay, now doesn’t that look fantastic?

Have a great weekend, folks! And don’t forget to go to Laurie’s Place and check out her site, as well as the interview!